Quality Massage Therapy In Parksville, BC

The common individual goes through tremendous stress in their everyday life.  Some of these stress factors can be work, college, kids, finances, busy schedules, shocking situations, and holidays.  This built up stress can lead to muscle tension and can bring on all kinds of physical ailments.
With all of this stress build up, how can we find relief?  One of the best ways is to get a therapeutic massage.  You will want to find a certified massage therapy clinic to get the best massage possible.  For those in Nanaimo, BC massage therapists are plentiful.  However, you will want to search and find the right massage clinic for your situation.
Getting a massage that isn’t professional can just bring on more problems.  Don’t try to save money and go get a massage from just any business.  Your body is important and should be treated likewise.  If you live in the British Columbia area, particularly Vancouver Island there is a highly qualified Parksville massage therapists opening a clinic in the beginning of 2017.

Are you experiencing muscle soreness or having neck or back pain?
Half of your body weight consists of muscle. Your muscles could be injured or simply painful from stress.
Here are some of the types of massages we provide…
Deep Tissue Massage –  Involves deep and slow pressure techniques to the body.
Swedish Massage –  Most common style of massage that brings relaxation and improved blood circulation.
Hot Stone Massage –  Warm smooth minerals are applied to body which brings relaxation and muscle therapy.
Another type of massage is called a trigger point massage.  This technique centers in on sensitive areas of tight muscle fibers caused from injury or strain.

At our Parksville based massage clinic, you can choose the massage that best suits your needs.  When you come in for your discount massage, you can explain your problem areas and massage needs.

We offer 30 minute, 60 minute, and 90 minute massage sessions.  The first massage is a 50 percent discount on any of our 60 minute massages.  Come visit Parksville massage therapy based in Parksville, BC.


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