The NSBA has a comprehensive membership package...
...Designed with a bottom line focus to help your business
Do more business.

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Small Business Group Insurance

Designed for small companies, the package offers a complete range of
insurance services, designed for the small business owner and their 

Great Price .... Great Value

   Under the NSBA Group Insurance Plan, your firm can afford topnotch 
        employee benefits.  The NSBA Plan has:
                     - Options for firms of all sizes
                     - Guaranteed coverage for firms with 5+ employees
                     - Affordable prices from the start
                     - Pooled pricing for on-going stability
                     - A plan that can't be cancelled due to claims

Great Benefits .... Great Flexibility

                     - Life Insurance / AD&D included with all plans
                     - Optional Disability Insurance, short and longterm coverages,
                        pre-qualified for EI reductions
                     - 100% Dental Insurance, basic plus major restorative coverage.
                     - Orthodontics coverage available for groups of 10 or more
                     - Health Insurance, drug plan options, hospital, ambulance coverage,
                        paramedical benefits, vision care, out-of-country emergency care.
                     - Management / Key Employee Benefits, top up benefits with
                         Cost Plus tax effective options.

Membership Luncheons

The NSBA holds business luncheons throughout the year, providing an 
excellent opportunity to network, discuss issues with other business people 
and to hear about the topics that are creating headlines.


to find out about our next luncheon.


Club Connect

A vibrant networking and leads club that meets on the 2nd and 4th 
Friday of each month for breakfast with the express purpose of
increasing networking opportunities between NSBA members.

Club Connect Members Directory


Committees and Task Forces

The NSBA provides the venue for members to be involved in 
policy issues and to work to resolve business concerns. 

Standing committees are:

            • Labour
            • Economic Development 
            • Marketing & Membership

            Task forces currently in effect on:

            • Circle Drive -working with the city to
                       alleviate traffic congestion on Circle Drive.
            • Provincial Sales Tax - studying the PST
                       with the end view of making recommendations
                       to the Provincial Government.
            • Commercial Property Assessment - studying
                       Saskatchewan's methods of assessing 
                       commercial properties with the view to 
                       having legislation changed to make
                       Commercial Property Assessment more
                       fair and equitable.
Business Builder Awards

A Program that 'honours our own', recognizing business achievement
and contribution to our business community.

2002 Recipients

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